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Oct 31, 2012 11:00am PDT
government in the short term. >> yeah. >> right now people are just trying to deal with their immediate needs, moving in with neighbors, staying with friends. we have heard reports that some utility companies are talking about perhaps turning off water services, for example, because there could be contamination in the system. people are hunkering down and the work is just beginning. in this town, for example, the roads are covered with -- some places, several feet of sand. they're impassablimpassable. impossible to get in and out of some communities up and down the shoreline and in new jersey. again, to think of at this point of a lot of relief supplies arriving, people are hunkering down trying to deal with the near term right now. >> let me correct myself. it's congressman steve israel of new york saying he is in contact with fee many officials. needing more detail on the plan there. to your point, you have certain reaction with the individuals of point pleasant. it's a layer of response but nevertheless the president is landing at a critical time when i do think people want to hear as many
Oct 29, 2012 11:00am PDT
is in charge of the government. that's just the way it is. >> that is the way it is, but that did not stop at least some campaigning going on for the governor. as i mentioned, you have this eef event with paul ryan and bill clinton in florida. he was supposed to be in florida with the president. let me play what former president clinton had to say. >> i was supposed to be the warm-up man for president obama today, but that storm on the east coast had other ideas. >> but obviously the show does go on in some capacity, but talk me quickly about the perils for both of them. obviously, the president is the president. this is his responsibility, to have the concern of the american people on the forefront. what does governor romney do or say, other than this point that he's trying to be sense and pull off the campaign trail tomorrow and not today? >> it's no accident that bill clinton was in orlando. that's a key swing area right in the heart of that i-4 corridor. there was a cnn poll out today showing a 50/49 race between the two sides. pretty much a dead-even race. missing out on a day or two
Nov 2, 2012 11:00am PDT
. the federal government took new action, though, today in the past several hours to get more fuel into the communities. with gas lines throughout the region stretching for miles, the department of homeland security has eased restrictions on foreign flag oil tankers. jim cantore has more for us on this problem. >> hey, tamron. this is what i would call an orderly gas line, even though it's packed, it's orderly he. people are lined up to each pump, and they filled the tanks with tangers that came in here. this is a nice supply of gas here at the vince lombardi truck stop. back towards the west, you can see here this gentleman, this police officer is actually directing traffic coming in from the exit into which line they should get in. as we show you where that line is, it travels all the way back up around to the turnpike. last night we understand this line was all the way out into the turnpike, which creates a dangerous situation there. so this is pretty good. you have about an hour and a half wait to the end of the line so you're able to get gas. there's no limits here on how much
Oct 30, 2012 11:00am PDT
fema, fred fugate has informed states the federal government would reimburse them from relocating polling places. >> you wonder what the political implications are here. theoretically you would think president obama can only win here because that small sliver of the electorate they're going after, theoretically these low propensity voters may decide to come out because they see this as presidential and a rally around the flag effect. i think the chance of something happening significant he here are diminished. >> what do you make of the extraordinary circumstances we are in? a lot of people have tweeted, for example, about power being out. what does that mean for malfunctioning machines? all that speculation rolls into play. >> i think it's more than the fact we're having a conversation. the fact the election is away means that they have time to correct anything that goes wrong. you have seen wildcards. these situations in 1980s you wondered during the iran hostage crisis, you wondered if it would affect carter's re-election. >> congress has to change the date but it has to act qu
Nov 1, 2012 11:00am PDT
. it helps him coordinate efforts between the federal government and his state. it helps him with president obama to be complimentary and to make sure the president pays, you know, significant attention to new jersey now and in the weeks and months to come. it also helps him with that re-election effort next year in new jersey. it also helps if he wants to run in 2016. >> there are those who say it's self-serving. by calling the man a sellout. because at the end of the day, most of the damage, amy, was in new jersey. do you think that -- >> it's going to help him. >> so you think it's all self-serving. you don't think that he cares about the people of the state? >> no, no, no, no, no. please, please. >> i'm asking. i'm asking. >> i think he genuinely wants to make sure that the rescue effort in new jersey goes as well as humanly possible, and i think he is genuinely concerned about everyone in new jersey. that ends up helping him politically as well. it just so happens he distances himself from mitt romney, should mitt romney lose. it's a better shot at an open election in 2016, that's for
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)